HEY! Adobe CS3 and CS4 users you might want to read this. Adobe is changing their upgrade policy.

Today I was researching software deals and came across this article about Adobe changing their upgrade policy. I thought some people might want to take a nice long look at upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) at this point due to this new information. If you’re a CS4 or CS3 user you will only be able to upgrade to CS6 until the end of the year due to Adobe changing their upgrade policies. Previously consumers could wait up to three versions to make their upgrade, but now Adobe is changing the way users can upgrade. Here’s the note from Adobe about their new upgrade policy.

“Special upgrade offer for CS3 and CS4 customers. Take advantage of our special introductory upgrade pricing on Creative Suite 6 for customers who own CS3 and CS4 individual products and suite editions. This temporary upgrade offer is valid through December 31, 2012. After that date, only customers who own CS5 or CS5.5 products will qualify for upgrade pricing to CS6.”

So what this means is if you own CS3 or CS4 you should upgrade now or be forced to pay full price at the start of 2013 if you want to update your software. This is pretty sad to me as a consumer of Adobe’s products. I’m still using CS4 and usually wait 2 or 3 revisions before upgrading. Now Adobe will be forcing its consumers to upgrade only one version earlier. From what I have been able to ascertain Adobe is making this change because they are now spreading out their release schedule from an 18 months to a two year schedule. Don’t forget CS5 and CS5.5 users you will need to upgrade to CS6 if you want to be able to eventually qualify to upgrade for CS7. This is really starting to get confusing so I’ll end with a link to their upgrades page if anyone wants to take action.

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  1. Randy Arnold

    Thanks Norm.
    This is very disturbing as well as greedy. If Adobe will think about it
    they have a broader selling base by continuing the way they are going now. Forcing customers into full priced upgrades might be cutting their nose off to spite their face.

    • Norm

      That thought did go through my head. I’m pretty sure that Adobe software is one of the most pirated out there and I don’t think this is going to help at all.

  2. Hans Maerker

    There is another issue that Adobe might not consider. Apart from piracy, there may be many commercial users who simply revolt and do not buy any newer version at all.
    As long as they don’t have to exchange files (e.g. AI) with other group, they can simply stick to their older versions and show Adobe the cold shoulder. Usually these are freelancers with partially 3 or even 4 versions behind and still happy.
    Adobe is going to themselves in the foot.

  3. Hans Maerker

    >> Adobe is going to themselves in the foot.<<

    Sorry, I meant: Adobe is going to shoot themselves in the foot.

  4. Lewis T. Johnson

    Considering the ultimatum by Adobe to purchase updates to CS3 and 4 by December 31st, I’ll be content with CS3 for most of my illustration and design needs.Until Adobe makes it affordable to continue updates each year for artists or the industry starts paying us what we’re truly worth as professionals, or dogs stop chasing their tails, astronomical costs for these applications even when taken as business expense deductions , are out of the question when you compare these against other monthly costs to function and operate. Maybe we’ll need to rethink the value of digital art applications when applied against the cost of traditional painting and tools. I would argue that the benefits of having endless possibilities in design at your fingertips and instant artistic talent available through electronic digital apps when skillfully applied are devaluing our craft and cannot match the random often unpredicted beauty of traditional media as been demonstrated over the last 100 years in print or other. Food for thought.

  5. Candy Gourlay

    Oh my – thanks for the heads up. Spotted this link on the LinkedIn SCBWI page. Will now upgrade before the end of the year.

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  7. J. Bosch

    Since you normally update after every 2 or 3 revision I would argue this would be a great time to upgrade. Since Abobe offers a great service with their creative cloud for a very reasonable price I really don’t see this new policy being a big issue.

    • WilsonWJr

      Upgrading is cheaper than buying the software over completely. Much cheaper.

      You yourself say that people update every 2 or 3 revisions. Which means that with Adobe’s new policy you have to upgrade every single time they update the software a whole number or you will have to pay to buy the program over completely when the next version comes out.

      So this is the last time that you can upgrade cheaply if you have a version that is more than one generation older than the latest one. Which is why you need to upgrade now or you will have to pay full price after December.

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  9. john brooks

    I am still running a 32 bit computer, so if I want this upgrade, I’ll have to buy a new unit as well.


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