Book Report – The Art of Brave

When I sat down to write my post this week I was thinking about writing one about a illustrator’s Christmas list and what it might have on it. Then I looked at my bookshelf and realized that The Art of Brave would be on that list for sure. So instead I decided to write a review. The art of brave is the 13th Pixar movie to be released and it’s Pixar’s first animated film to have a female lead.

First of all, let me state this is a fantastic book! All aspects of the film are covered, including character designs, environment drawings, storyboards and even a colorscript. For the longest time this book just sat on my shelf because I hadn’t gone to see the movie yet. It must be noted that if you haven’t seen the movie this book has major spoilers in it, but if that’s not a problem for you go ahead and open it up. For me personally, I waited.

This book seemed a lot thinner than my other “art of” Pixar books, but at 160 pages that wasn’t the case. It ended up being right around the same size as all of the others. It’s written by Jenny Lerew, an animation director with a preface from John Lasseter, and the foreword is written by Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews, two of Brave’s three co-directors. Steve Pilcher, a production designer on this film has a lot of work scattered throughout this entire book and his work really stood out to me. Maybe it’s because he did the stunning cover art for this book.

The character designs in this book are a delight to look at. Every character in this movie has their own personality and you can tell just by looking at each of them. The colors they chose for this movie seem rather muted for a Pixar film, but maybe that’s just to make Merida stand out more than the other characters. I don’t know if you know this but her hair is bright red.

One of the things that stood out to me was how long it took for this movie to get made. The first work for this film was started in 2005 and the movie didn’t come out until 2012. This book is full of fun stories about how this movie was produced like, how the crew traveled to Scotland for research and other stories about how the characters relate to some of the films directors.

If you’re a fan of animation this book by Chronicle Books is right up your alley. It’s really no different than any of the other “art of” books they produce. In all of these books they always remember what’s important, and that’s the art. I would recommend picking this book up.

You can pick up the book here from Amazon.

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