Spectrum 20 Annual open for submissions!!

We are pleased to announce that submissions are now being accepted for Spectrum 20.

Why should you consider submitting? Spectrum is one of those books that functions in much the same way that Source Books used to (and still do to some degree). Many art directors and editors use it as a go to for finding new up and coming talent for the work they’d like to assign. Unlike source books where anyone with the cash can generally gain entry, Spectrum is juried by well known and experienced professionals within the industry. To gain entry into this book is like getting the stamp of approval by the best of your peers and fellow Illustrators. So give it a try if you feel so inclined!

Spectrum is for the Fantasy/Sci Fi genre what Society Of Illustrators is for the Commercial Illustration industry.

Foreign entrants (and those who have not been added to our mailing list) are encouraged to use the forms provided at the link below:

 Spectrum 20 Entry Forms

For more information on the contest and  Spectrum in general you can go here.


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