Small Value Copyright Infringement Survey

Alrighty folks. Here’s an opportunity to let folks know about the varied obstructions and reasons that having a copyright seem to be more of a problem than a benefit to us as Artist’s. Please take a moment to check out the survey!
At the request of Congress, the Copyright Office is conducting a study to assess whether and, if so, how the current legal system hinders or prevents copyright owners from pursuing copyright infringement claims that have a relatively small economic value (‘‘small copyright claims’’ or ‘‘small claims’’), and to recommend potential changes in administrative, regulatory, and statutory authority to improve the adjudication of such claims.

The Graphic Artists Guild supports the creation of an alternate dispute resolution small-value copyright infringement court within the federal district court system so that rights holders can take meaningful action against infringers. The Copyright Office began looking into this concept in 2007. The Guild endorsed it then, and we continue to support the establishment of a practical alternative to the current federal district court system, which in practice is only viable for large-value infringement cases.

The Copyright Office is soliciting information from authors and creators through professional organizations such as the Graphic Artists Guild. Our National Advocacy Committee prepared a survey of rights holders who have experienced infringement of their works. The survey asks how rights holders would like such an alternate court system to work. We appreciate your participation.

This survey will close at midnight on October 9, 2012. This is your opportunity to engage in advocacy to benefit all American creators.

Please click here access the survey. The survey will close at midnight on 10/9/2012.

Thank you for your time and participation!



  1. Rod Jenkins

    Never knew you existed! I would like to inetrview you for our Lip Service video show that highlight independent comic book publihers, I believe you wouldprovide valuable insight into the process of protecting works that publishers do.

  2. Darrell Goza

    Hoping it reaches as many comic book creators as possible. I’m spreading the word as far and as wide as I can through the social media sites but comic book creators have traditionally been unconscious when it comes to their rights, even in light of Jack Kirby and Gary Friedrich being denied financial gain for things they clearly created. Maybe this time around…

    • WilsonWJr

      Thanks so much Darrell. As artists we have to do what we can to protect ourselves. But it also makes sense to do it in the smartest way we can. Sharing information with each other on ways we can do it that works for us is very important. Thanks again!

      • Darrell Goza

        Thank you WilsonWJr. There IS power in unity. Unfortunately, the comic creators haven’t gotten that memo yet. We continually try to be ‘independent’ creators and are usually short changed by the conglomerate structure because of it. If we want our due we’ll have to band together, even if it’s only to effectively change the laws to make them more equitable.


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