Sigh, I’m hooked on Pinterest

Hello my name is Norman Grock and I have a problem. My problem is my wife showed me Pinterest. In case you haven’t heard Pinterest is kind of a big deal. It’s the first social network that really speaks my language. Pinterest is the first visual social network, where you share in images, and not just news about your dog. You find and image you like on the interent and ‘pin’ it to a board that you can custom categorize. You can also follow other people and see what they are pinning.  I open my Pinterest page and see all kinds of beautiful and inspiring imagery. It all depends on what kind of people’s boards you follow. For me, I follow all kinds of boards from children’s book art, character design, environment design, whatever my heart desires.

Pinterest is also a great way to share your portfolio with the world. Just like every other social network Pinterest is about sharing and if you can get your fellow artists, art directors, and clients following your boards it’s a good way to keep everyone up-to-date with what you’re working on. When doing this be sure to link to your images from your portfolio site, so when a person clicks it will take them back to your site. However, social media etiquette still applies. Be sure to repin your friends’ and credit your sources. You don’t want to be the person who is just spamming your art work, you want to be sharing and engaging the community. That’s a quick way to lose eyeballs.

Pinterest is growing at a phenomenal rate. According to Pinterest is now the number three most-popular social network in the U.S. behind Facebook (7 billion) and Twitter (182 million). Beating its next-closest competitor, LinkedIn. These numbers are from March 2012.

But be warned, Pinterest can be kind of addicting. Sit down for a quick inspiring look at your boards and two hours later find yourself still searching through pins. You might need to set a timer or you’ll find your whole day wasted.

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