Random House and Penguin to possibly merge!


Two of the largest publishing houses could merge. Random House and Penguin have been discussing combing their publishing houses, reports the Financial Times.

If this were to occur they would control 25 percent of the current US and UK publishing market.

At this time only talks are in the process. Nothing yet is finalized or definite.

But sincerely is this completely unexpected in the current market and trends towards the decreased sales of traditionally published materials? This has probably been in the coming for a while. Consolidation not being a matter of  “if”, but more a matter of “when”.

“Analysts have predicted consolidation among the “big six” market leaders of the relatively fragmented publishing industry for several years,” writes the FT.

As Illustrators how do you think this will affect you?

How do you think it will effect or impact the publishing industry?

Do you think other publishers will follow suit?

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  1. David R. Vallejo

    It would affect me if they hired me. So, Random House & Penguin, please hire me!!!


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