Publisher’s Weekly Live Webcast-What will the impact be of Digital Webcomics and Graphic Novels in the future?

The evolution of the Comic book era post 2012.
Date and Time: Tuesday , October 30, 2012, 1:00 PM EDT
Hosted by PW’s Calvin Reid, this webcast panel will look at the comics and graphic novel market focusing on three topics: the rise of comic and graphic novel sales in both traditional bookstores and comic specialty shops; how the growing impact of digital comics is sending consumers into stores and how digital comics are helping the sales of print comics; the launch of new digital comics imprints and the growing popularity of Kids Comics, indie female creators and webcomics.
Panelist:David Eicke: with Viz Media – davideicke@viz.comTerri Soutor: with Lerner/graphic Universe – TSoutor@lernerbooks.comJesse Post: with Papercutz –

Rob Grindstaff : with Ingram –

Alvin Lu : with Viz Media – EVP of Publishing


Calvin Reid, Senior News Editor and Co-editor, PW Comics World

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