Lynne Chapman walks us through the genesis of her book, “Swap” Part 6

Part 6 of our exploration of Lynne Chapman’s posts about the process of her new book Swap. From pitching it to the publisher to dropping the final art in the mail.
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Today we post another five blog posts from Lynne’s journey.  To jump to the end and see all the posts now, drop by Lynne’s blog!

In her 26th post Lynne discusses coloring a couple of the images that proved to be a bit difficult to compose.

In her 27th post the initial scans of the artwork have been returned and Lynne needs to go in and remove all that pink from her backgrounds using Photoshop!

In her 28th post with deadlines looming Lynne continues to chop away her backgrounds in Photoshop.

In her 29th post Lynne shows us process of designing the cover of Swap and getting it approved by her editor and art director.  Awesome and insightful post!

In her 30th post Lynne tackles some of her more complicated pages, admittng that she did a lot of the easier stuff up front. (I’m guilty of doing that myself!)

We’ve almost caught up with Lynne.  So we’ll pause and let her get a few ahead of us and then start posting again.  If you can’t wait you can hop over to Lynne’s blog and investigate for yourself!



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