Lynne Chapman walks us through the genesis of her book, “Swap” Part 4

Part 4 of our exploration of Lynne Chapman’s posts about the process of her new book Swap. From pitching it to the publisher to dropping the final art in the mail.
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Today we post another five blog posts from Lynne’s journey.  To jump to the end and see all the posts now, drop by Lynne’s blog!

In her 16th post Lynne discusses changing the sketches for the end of the story now that the script has changed a bit.  Check out her creative solution!

In her 17th post Lynne tackles another spread that needs some major redraws! Can she come up with something that satisfies her editor?

In her 18th post Lynne discusses finally being able to start doing final artwork for her book!

In her 19th post Lynne discusses an issue revealed from her endpaper illustrations by her art director. How will she solve the issue?

In her 20th post Lynne discusses working on a number of the final vignettes of Lucy.  She uses these multiple images of Lucy to get better familiar with her as a character!


We’ll be posting the next few steps on Wednesday or you can hop over to Lynne’s blog and investigate for yourself!



  1. lindomar barbosa da silva

    eu nuca fiz este tipo de trabalhos, esta é a primeira vez,eu mudaria as cores,deixava mais alegres ,por que só rosa? a variedades de core,o nariz esta grande. o resto eu gostei.

    • WilsonWJr

      I never did this kind of work, this is the first time, I would change the colors, made more cheerful, why only pink? the varieties of core, the nose is great. the rest I liked.


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