Bobby Chiu demonstrates how to add highlights and scales using Sketchbook Pro

Today I received an email from Schoolism and Autodesk highlighting a new bonus tutorial video from Bobby Chiu. In the video he demonstrates how to add highlights and scales on a fictional creature using Sketchbook Pro. Of course, I watched it immediately because I am a big fan of both Sketchbook Pro and Bobby Chiu. Should’ve known Mr. Chiu would be releasing training videos using sketchbook with him having created the box art for Sketchbook Pro 6. To watch the full 10 minute video tutorial follow the link here to Schoolism’s blog or watch the video below after the break.


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  1. Paul Weiner

    What application is Bobby Chiu using to create the painted scales?


  2. WilsonWJr

    Awesome video Norm! Great find! Now I want to go and draw dinosaurs and monsters!!! GRAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!! Heh!

  3. Mili

    Great video! I paint traditionally, because I still feel that digital painting is too shiny and plastic. I use the computer only for flat, graphic images. However, with textures getting better all the time, I’m thinking I should invest in a Cintique. I’m wondering which program is better for painting: Photoshop or Sketchboook? Any thoughts?

    • WilsonWJr

      Painter. Heh! In all honesty I can’t say. Truthfully with each program the sky is the limit. Everytime I think one program has limitations someone comes along with artwork created in that program that proves me wrong. Luckily most of those programs offer free trial periods. So I would download them one at a time and play with them to see which one works best for you and your style. Go to Youtube and see what kind of tutorials are available to give you an idea of which programs excite you the most.

      Good luck!
      -Wilson W, Jr.


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