New Dress New Look!

New Dress, New Look for Once Upon a Sketch!


We went to a great new store, Paul Grock Designs , (the best in kiddie haute couture) and picked up a brand new dress for school!

Hope you like it!

We’re super excited to introduce our first season of podcasts and the interviews we’re doing. (Coming soon) We are open to getting the public’s feedback on our progress. Please let us know what you think and any ideas for articles or events you want us to announce!

We’re also looking for folks who would be open to contributing informational guest posts to our blog!


  1. vanessa newton

    I love this cute character. She is soooo adorable and I really love that hot pink dress! Very well done Wilson.

    • WilsonWJr

      Why thank you! I think her face is shaped weird. I should have simplified! LOL! But you know me child all fashionable and stuff!! LOL! You have such a great sense of style! What resources do you use when doing kids fashions?? (Hmmm..could be good series of articles in that!!)


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