Mobile Apps for Running a Freelance Illustration Business

With September being a huge month for announcements in mobile technology like Amazon releasing the 2nd version of their tablet Kindle fire and all kinds of smart phones being released from Samsung to Motorola. All of that being topped off by Apple releasing their new iPhone 5 on friday (09.21.12). So, all of this got me thinking about my favorite mobile apps for running my freelance business. Here are a few of the apps I couldn’t live without.

Minimal Folio
This app is for creative professionals who want to let their portfolios do the talking. Minimal Folio is the simplest way to present images and video on your iPad or iPhone. The app is unbranded so all your clients see is your work.
Device: iOS
Price: $2.99
Developer: Simon Heys

If you’re a freelancer you’ve probably already heard of dropbox. But did you know that you can now share links straight out of your drop box with your clients? I’ve always found it hard to share large files in emails without getting a bounce error message. Now with dropbox you can just share a link to a file that is in your dropbox. Letting your clients download it straight from the link. I use this feature all the time. Not to mention being able to share files between all the computers I work on.
Device: iOS, Android
Price: Free
Developer: Dropbox

Pinterest is where I go to find all my inspiration, but there is one problem with this pic – in a word, addicting.
Device: iOS, Android
Price: Free
Developer: Pinterest, Inc.

It’s great to be able to manage my blog on the go – moderate comments, create new posts or edit existing ones. I’ve use this app tons of times just to edit a misspelled word.
Device: iOS, Android
Price: Free
Developer: WordPress

Google Drive
Google Docs is now Google drive. Google drive lets me save my word documents and spreadsheets in the cloud and be able to edit them anywhere. With 5 GB of space free I’ve got another place to share files from. It’s always nice to have a backup if I ever fill up my dropbox.
Device: iOS, Android
Price: Free
Developer: Google

Every device has this but it’s invaluable when trying to keep up with work emails and people contacting me about Once upon a sketch.
Device: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8
Price: Free

It seems like everybody these days has a Skype account and with being able to voice chat and instant message all in one app is perfect for running a small business. The best part is it keeps your phone bill low.
Device: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8
Price: Free
Developer: Microsoft

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