Lynne Chapman walks us through the genesis of her book, “Swap” Part 3

Part 3 of our exploration of Lynne Chapman’s posts about the process of her new book Swap. From pitching it to the publisher to dropping the final art in the mail.

You can see Part 1 here.
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Today we post another five blog posts from Lynne’s journey.  To jump to the end and see all the posts now, drop by Lynne’s blog!

In her 11th post Lynne finally finishes up all her roughs and has sent them off to the publisher! Now she’s biting her nails waiting for the response and inevitable reworks that will come with it!

In her 12th post Lynne goes into the thought process for creating the endpaper artwork!

In her 13th post Lynne has gotten back input from her art director. How HUGE or small are the revisions? Follow the link to see!

In her 14th post Lynne goes into reworking the images noted by her art director. She describes the difficulties she encountered and how she prioritized certain elements in her thought process.

In her 15th post Lynne discusses arriving at the final name for her book and the though process behind it. Yep, the book doesn’t start out being called Swap. It begins titles as, It’s Not Fair, then moves to Dogswap before landing finally at Swap! Find out how in this post!

We’ll be posting the next few steps on Friday or you can hop over to Lynne’s blog and investigate for yourself!



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