Icons and Legends-Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis. Since Norm mentioned him, I thought it would be a good idea to feature him and give some info on his background.

Andrew Loomis was born in 1892 in Syracuse, New York. He studied in New York at the Art Students League under George Bridgman and F.V. du Mond when he was 19. He moved to Chicago and continued his education at the Chicago Art Institute. In the 1930s, he taught at the American Academy of Art. At this time he catalogued and compiled his instructional technique for his first book, Fun With a Pencil, in 1939.

The popularity of this book would lead Loomis to go on and release several more books in the coming decades, including one of his most popular, Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth, in 1943.

Andrew Loomis created a number of instructional books on figure, the founding arts of drawing, and painting. Many of his books have long been out of print but have found a resurged popularity online in .pdf and jpeg formats free for download due to the expiration of copyright. (If this has changed please let us know.) You will find links to those books at the end of this post.

These books are a wonderful resource of drawing fundamentals and design basics. I urge that you download them, fill your printer with paper and ink and get to printing to create some handy and precious reference sources for your future illustrations.

Click the book cover to download the pdf of that book.




Big thanks to Escape From Illustration Island for the .pdf’s.

Readers have brought to my attention that many of these books have been republished and are available on Amazon for purchase. We will be providing links in our library.


  1. Ben McS

    His books are back in print, available from Amazon!

    I got both “Figure Drawing” and “Drawing the Head & Hands”, and they’re VERY nice editions. For a long time we couldn’t get these any other way that on PDF, but now they’re back in print and totally deserve being supported.

  2. Don Petersen

    The 1954 edition of “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth” was given to me by my grandmother, a talented painter, years ago. It’s a great book; it’s good to know Loomis’s books are in print again. Artists looking for some inspiration in drawing the clothed figure will enjoy “Drawing People” (2003) by the wonderful illustrator and longtime art school instructor Barbara Bradley.


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