Folio Academy gets a touch up!

I am a huge Will Terry fan and have bought a number of his videos. So I am very happy to say that the site through which he sells his videos, Folio Academy has been redesigned and relaunched! I highly recommend dropping by and seeing which videos you think may fit your fancy.

The Folio Academy has videos from Will Terry, A.B.(Russ), RussellAmber, MediaBill, WhitakerBlufire Studios, Bob Barrett, Burning Oak Studios, Danni Jones, Greg Newbold, Jerry’s Artarama, Justin Cook, Kirk Richards, Paul Mann, Perry Milou, Peter Wood, Provo Creative, and Simon Winegar.

I learned a great deal from Will’s video’s so I stand by those for new-intermediate artists. But even you masters of your craft can always learn something from somebody else’s technique or methods.

I will probably be posting a review of one of his videos soon. Check his art below!

So drop in check the previews and see what you like!!

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