Spreading Your Wings-Breaking In to Toy Design-Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of our series of Toy Design Articles. You can find links below to the other articles before this one.

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The next question we will cover is,

How do I find work?

There are a number of ways and resources to begin your search for freelance or full time employment opportunities within the Toy Industry.

Have you found a company who’s work you are drawn to or they fit your style? I hope that while you were going up and down those aisles in the toy store that you noted which companies did work that excited you. I also hope that you picked up those toys and wrote down, at the very least, the names of those companies.  If not go back and do it.

Once home I would ask that you go online and peruse their websites. Many of the companies will have a job database on their webpages that shows open positions.

You can also join a social network like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social website intended to be used primarily to make business contacts and networking.

One of LinkedIn’s many features is that if the company you are interested in is in their database, you can follow them.  This will allow you to be updated when people leave the company as well as when new jobs or positions open. Most of your major companies will have listings on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also has a number of Toy Industry related groups that you can join. Many of them have Job listings. You can use these groups to place links to your portfolio as well as peruse any jobs that are posted to them. These groups can also be a great place to post industry related questions, get input on your portfolio and engage in thoughtful discussions with your professional peers.

There are also a number of  Websites that include job postings not only for Toy Design but for Illustration or Art Positions in General.


Play Illustration is a pay portfolio site like Picture-Book or the I-Spot. The difference is they cater to Illustration and Design for  the Toy and Interactive Markets. showcases professional artists and design firms with experience in the toy and game industries. You will have to be approved to be on their site though.  So have your portfolio in order.

Monster-Monster is the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities. From the web, to mobile to social, Monster helps companies find people with customized solutions using the world’s most advanced technology to match the right person to the right job.

Coroflot– Career and community site hosting individual creative portfolios, a global design firm directory, and a database of job and project openings.

Simply Hired-Search millions of job listings from across the web.


Creative Hot List-Creative Hotlist and are owned and operated by Coyne & Blanchard, Inc., the parent company of Communication Arts magazine.


InsideJobs -Discover a career you’ll love. Check out job videos, explore career options, and get inspired to make career choices for your future.



There are also websites dedicated to jobs within the toy industry!! Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!


ToyArts– A useful tool for people in the Toy Industry.


Toy Jobs-The dominant toy industry recruiter filling toy company jobs since 1981. No toy industry recruiters fill more toy jobs than Toyjobs!


Toy Directory-At TOYDIRECTORY, we research specialty toys that are selling well. We survey toy retailers and 2,000+ manufacturers about new and successful products in more than 90 categories.
Toy Recruiter-We offer Toy Recruiter, Inventor Representation, Business Brokering and design jobs.

Dr.Toy– Toy Information!: Over 4000 award winning toys and children’s products are fully described with company phone numbers, photos and links to useful detailed descriptions.

Aardvark Swift – A new universe of Video Games and Toys and Nursery Recruitment.

So as you can see, you have a lot of resources to start with. Never underestimate the power of networking and doing your research. Nine times out of ten most people send their work or portfolios in to a company blind. Which generally results in it ending up in the trash. take your time, learn your craft and step forward with your best foot forward. It can only help to secure you a job!

Come back next week for the next part!!
Past Articles:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3




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