Reminder- 2013 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market is ready!!

If you are serious about breaking into the Children’s Book Industry there’s a book that comes out yearly that you definitely need to add to your library. The Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market.

The new 2013 Edition has been released to folks who pre-purchased it.  I got a notice yesterday, since I pre-ordered, it saying that my book would actually get to me earlier than expected! Woo Hoo!  I will be checking my mail!

So, why should you pick this book up? Why is it “Essential”?

Every year this series of books does a fantastic job of listing and categorizing multiple publishers, magazines and agents that have some level of involvement in the Children’s Market.

They go through contact information, the markets that the publisher specializes in, their submission requirements, the number of projects, writer and illustrators that they work with on a yearly basis as well as their payment terms.

Also included are a number of articles from other professionals that give tips, tricks and experiences within the industry.

This book is a great and inexpensive starting place for anyone looking to break into the industry. This book is essential to creating your first mailing list and determining the proper way to approach each publisher you are considering. If you have a mailing list established, this book is a great way to update your mailing lists with new publishers and update contact info for older ones.

So don’t forget to hop onto Amazon and reserve your copy now! Or drop by your local library to check out older issues that may be available to get an idea of the series before purchasing!


  1. Anthony M. Grimaldi

    My name is Anthony M. Grimaldi of JourneyManDesigns. I am a freelance graphic design artist and illustrator who is very interested in adding children’s book illustrator to the artistic services I provide. I consider children’s book illustration to be very artistic, creative, and highly imaginative, and I truly wish and believe my skills and talents can contribute enormously to the field. I intend to pursue this genre as a true artist and creative professional, and eagerly look forward to the time when the industry may welcome me as a valuable member and collaborator.

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