1. Greg Crawford

    I’ve been a professional cartoonist and illustrator for more than 40 years, and I can draw anything, in any style or medium. T’ain’t braggin’ if you can really do it. I can duplicate anyone’s style, when necessary, from Mort Drucker to Garry Trudeau, and everything in between. I have also drawn a thousand miles of storyboards, composing scenes with drama, action, and clarity while maintaining visual continuity throughout. And I deliver. On time.

  2. Sumit Kumar


    I am Sumit Kumar 2D Animator/Illustrator, i have 8 years of experience as a freelancer and i have done so many animation/illustrations projects and made storyboard for all of animation projects, and i am highly experienced in making storyboards and telling stories or scripts through storyboards. Please check my link to look towards my work.

    I hope you will like my work and i will get opportunity to work with nickelodeon as storyboard artist.


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