News-Top Cow Comics to launch Talent Search for New Writers and Artists

Top Cow Productions (TCP) is an American comics publisher, a partner studio of Image Comics founded by Marc Silvestri in 1992. Top Cow was part of a movement that turned the comics world on it’s ear and set new standards in publishing and creativity. They had many properties go on to be the basis of live action television series, movies and  animated movies and television series.

But now it looks like Top Cow is on the look out for new writing and illustrating talent. Think you have what it takes? Then pay attention.
The Top Cow Talent Hunt for two new writers and two new artists will go live September 1st and run through Dec 31st. The Top Cow Talent Hunt will officially launch September 1st and run through December 31st.

Information and details regarding the contest will be  posted on by September 1st.

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So start getting your portfolio together and your best scripts in order in anticipation. We’ll update you when things kick off!

Good luck to everyone!


  1. Milan Andjelkovic

    Best regards
    Milan Andjelkovic, Belgrade, Serbia

  2. wes Jenkins

    I’m interested in the “contest” submissions.

    I have two comic being E-published
    1> NY2LA: Memoirs of hitchiking from NY to LA in 1970
    2> Cartoon a Day (now on e-format)- Monthly 45 comics per issue for a year

    3> St. Facetious Elementary school( in progress)- an elemenatry school antics of around ’65

  3. Pedro Espinosa

    Hello and Thanks, Where I could send my book ?


  4. Shane W Smith

    This could not have come at a better time: I was just finishing up a script for an Issue #1. Will be eagerly awaiting more details! Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. Richard Deverell

    Looks good

  6. Randy Arnold

    Wilson, you seem to have the pulse of the Illustration and publishing world. Just saying thanks for the posts in LinkedIn. I won’t be entering, not my style (I read the post) but this is a great opportunity for all comic illustraters out there posting e-comics to be recognized.
    You are appreciated, thanks again.

    • WilsonWJr

      Hey Randy! I wish! Heh! I just post information that I run across that I know other artist’s would be interested in knowing. There’s a lot of opportunities out there. Many of us just need to know about them! I’ll keep trying!

  7. John Collado

    Hello… please send information on September 1st. Thank you, John

  8. Woodrow Barlettani

    ….can’t wait,to make the big bucks I deserve ,for all my years of hard cartooning,underground and main stream,those who swim against it,know the strength of it, I will be watching…..

    • WilsonWJr

      Woodrow, if you already have something going, keep going with it! No reason to let another company start getting a cut of your hard earned labor if you can help it. I’m not sure what you have but the publishing world is changing. Take advantage if you can and keep all the money in YOUR pocket!! 😉

  9. Patrick Leis

    Got kind of blind here, but where to look at the cow-site for info about the talent serch?

    • WilsonWJr

      Hey Patrick!

      They don’t seem to have posted it yet on the site. I’ll keep a check and we’ll post as soon as we know more. Otherwise you can check for yourself at


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