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Fall 2012 Faculty List Announced

The Art Department is honored to announce the brilliant leaders from Pixar, Disney, ILM, and Laika who will be sharing their knowledge with students in our online animation program, starting August 27.

  • Andrew Gordon: Directing Animator – Pixar and TAD Dept. Chair
  • Mark Oftedahl: veteran Animator formerly of Pixar
  • Peter Kelly: Animation Instructor/veteran Animator – ILM
  • Kevin Ohara: veteran Animator- Pixar
  • Steve Segal: Freelance Animator, former veteran of Pixar
  • Mike Wellins: Director Laika (stop motion)
  • Anthony Christov: Art Director and Production Designer- Pixar

Guest Instructors:

  • Mark Andrews: Director of “Brave” – Pixar
  • Nate Stanton: Story supervisor – Pixar
  • Matt Luhn: Story Supervisor – Pixar
  • Scott Clark: Supervising Animator – Pixar
  • Andy Beall: Department Head of Animation and Director – Pixar
  • Doug Sweetland: Director – Pixar, now at Sony Pictures
  • John Kahrs: Supervising Animator Tangled/Director Paperman -Disney
  • Tom Gately: Character Designer- Pixar
  • Dylan Brown: Vice President -Pixar Canada
  • Sanjay Patel: llustrator/Animator – Pixar
  • Matt Nolte: Character Designer – Pixar

Additional Foundations and TAD faculty include:

and many more…

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