The beauty of interactive entertainment – Rayman Origins

While most video game companies are worrying about 3D games and how many bloody soldiers they can fit on a screen, Ubisoft Montpellier has created a gorgeous game fans of beautiful artwork should take note of. This game is Rayman Origins. The first thing that artist should know about this game is that Ubisoft obtained a French government grant, dedicated to supporting the arts, for developing UBIArt tools. UBIArt tools is a 2D game engine that allows the artists to focus on what they do best, the artwork, and not have to worry about the technical side of how the game works. This is very evident in the imaginative cartoony characters, expressive animations, beautifully painted backgrounds and a fun slapstick comedic humor that any adult with a six year old living in side them would enjoy. The color and style of this game can be contributed to the Lead concept-artist Floriane Marchix.

I have included a few pieces of her artwork from the game in this post. Check out more of her work at her website. We can also contribute the games biggest drawback to her as well. This game is distractingly beautiful! At points in the game I just wanted to sit back and stare at the screen.

When I stopped gawking, I realized I was playing a really enjoyable game with a wonderful adventure, amazingly detailed art, and catchy tunes. I guess they found time to program after all.

You can find a copy of the game for around 20 dollars. (Here)


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