Guest Post – Aja Wells – How to Make Custom Magnets

We have a guest post today from Illustrator Aja Wells. A phenomenal artist and current MFA Candidate with the University of Hartford.

Aja drops by today to let us know how she creates one of her more popular promotional items, a magnet that features her artwork. So dig in and learn her technique and find ways to incorporate it into your own marketing plans for the future. To see more of Aja’s work follow the link to her newly redesigned website and blog.



When I prepared to attend my first SCBWI conference a few years back, I wanted to leave a take-away item that was more inspired than a postcard. While browsing my local craft store, I found some printable magnet paper. Excited, I bought a few pieces and made a print.

However, I quickly discovered that the actual paper quality was roughly equivalent to regular printer paper, and so the magnets looked dull and very home made. So, I returned to my local craft store and I found this:

Adhesive backed magnet! For a 13 by 24 sheet of rolled adhesive magnet, the general cost is about 9 dollars, but can be found cheaper online.

Now all you need to do, is lay out your design on a 13 by 19 inch (or a few 8 1/2 by 11 sheets) high quality paper. I prefer using luster paper, but for this project I used professional quality matte paper. Be sure to put your designs close together to maximize the amount of magnets you can produce.

After printing, remove the adhesive backing from the magnet roll and carefully lay your print on top.

When it comes to cutting them out, I have found that very sharp, new scissors are preferable to using an exacto-knife, as the magnet is thick and I have a lot of rounded edges.

For extra gloss and ink protection, consider spraying your magnets with a sealer. Tadaa! Instant, beautiful, professional looking magnets. Now go create!



  1. Lisa J. Michaels

    What an inspiring idea, I can’t wait to try it! Thanks Aja! (Your’s look awesome!)

  2. Christine

    Those magnets are delightful!

  3. Bonnie

    Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing this. Also very cute frogs!! Love your style!

  4. Inge Auerbacher

    Can you do book covers on the magnets. How much would they cost in bulk to give away? Thanks, Inge

    • WilsonWJr

      I can’t speak for Aja. But I would assume that you can put any image you like on the magnets. The only limitation would be the size of your printer, the size of the adhesive magnet paper and the size of the paper you print your images on. The cost of doing a lot of them(bulk) depends on the price you manage to buy your supplies for. The technique in the post is a do it yourself process and not one where a printer does it for you. Hope that helps.

      • Aja

        Hi Inge,

        I imagine as long as your publisher allows you to use the book cover image for promotion, then you could definitely use your cover as a magnet!
        I’m not quite sure how much magnets would cost to do in a large run- you would have to contact a printing service to get a quote. I have so far only used the magnets for conferences and small run promotions so it has been cost effective so far. I imagine though, if you would like to have the magnets die cut and not standard rectangles, that it would add considerable cost.

  5. Patti Gay

    Aja’s work is absolutely delightful. This is such a fun idea!

  6. Diana

    Magnets! what a fun idea. And AJA’s art is beautiful. This is a great idea if you don’t need to give out a lot of them. Def a standout from the usual postcard and bookmarks.

    Inge if you need lots of magnets as giveaways you should research online custom printers like or even etc. However the magnet shapes would be standard sizes & shapes: circle, square rectangles etc. Aja’s ideal is for a hand cut shape.

  7. Lori McElrath-Eslick


    I agree (with Patti~~ a friend of mine!) that this is
    so cute and very generous of you to share!

    I will try this also with something that is cheaper: I think…
    a box of pre-cut magnets for business cards. I have them already,
    but the ideas here of hand cutting with sharp scissors, is great! Love the art designs too! thanks!! -Lori

    • Aja

      Hey Lori!

      I recently saw those boxes of pre-cut business card sized magnets! I am excited to try them out- make sure you share what you do with them!

  8. Tori

    Does anyone know what brand of adhesive backed magnets was used? The pictures aren’t loading for me on any of my browsers, and I am so excited by this project! 


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