4 days left!! Help with Will Terry Kickstarter Project

A friend to the blog and consistent contributor of wisdom and teaching to the community, Will Terry, is in the process of raising funds for a new e-book project called, “I Hate Reading!!!”.  A Children’s App and E-Book.

There are only four days (Tuesday Jul 10, 12:34am EDT) left for him to reach his goal of $5,240.00. We want to help him in any way we can by drawing attention to his project and in the process educate you about the means that he is using to raise funds. Which could be helpful for any of you self publishers out there strapped for the cash to complete your artistic projects.

He is raising funds via the website Kickstarter. Not familiar with it? You definitely should be.

Kickstarter is a site that allows individuals to post potential creative based projects and raise funds from the public for their completion. For most projects there are multiple individual target contribution amounts.  Each amount comes with a different award for sponsoring.  The higher your contribution, the larger the prize you can receive for donating. Many self published writer/artist teams are using Kickstarter as a means to generate the revenue needed to fund their self publishing efforts. They even have a section specifically for Children’s Books projects as well as Comics.

Sound too good to be true, well it is. You see the catch is that if the set financial goal isn’t reached in the set amount of time, the project isn’t funded at all. Any money pledged by a contributor stays with them and is never transferred to the originator of the project.  Yikes.  Kickstarter is also only for Creative endeavors and not used for general fundraising or non profit organizational purposes.

There are similar sites set up that have a comparable format. Like IndieGoGo. With some of them the artist or originator can keep what is pledged whether it reaches their goal or not. Sounds too good to be true? Heh! It is!! If  the originator chooses this, then the cut taken by the site is much larger than it would have been had they met their goal. So take your chances and hedge your bets.

But enough education, back to Will. If you go by his site or blog you will find that he has created multiple educational videos about his technique and process. He is an artist and an educator who goes out of his way to share his experiences and the knowledge he has gained with the Children’s Book Community.  Don’t believe me, just take a stroll through any number of the posts on his blog. I guarantee you  will come away richer for having done so. I have personally bough a few of his teaching series of videos which are also well worth the investment!

He is always giving to the community, so I find it more than appropriate for us to help him see one of his projects to fruition. Be sure to drop by his Kickstarter page and donate what you can. The lowest contribution you can make is $1.00. Every little bit helps! (But I say go for one of the bigger contributions and get the pdf and app in the process!! Thanks so much for your help folks!


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