Stay Informed-Richard Solomon Breakthrough Illustrator Contest

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Famed Art Rep Richard Solomon is sponsoring a contest for Breakthrough Young illustration talent.

There are 5 days left to enter the contest.

The details are listed in brief below with more detailed information here.

Our goal is to help young illustrators break through into the competitive world of illustration. By submitting a portfolio of their best images, the entrant will be judged by a diverse panel of art directors who will review, score, and decide who will be this year’s great, young illustrator.
**Did you know you can edit your submission up until the closing date of the contest? Just enter your email and password (that we sent to you after you paid) and you can keep refining!**
  • $1000 cash prize + All Expense paid round trip to NYC
  • A comprehensive portfolio review
  • Commemorative award.
  • Meet art directors and artists.
  • Less than 5 years of paid, professional experience in the industry.
  • Must be 18 to 35 years old.
  • 1 to 5 images: $25 / 6 to 50 images: $100
  • edit your submission until contest closing date
Image Specification
  • JPG, 700 pixel in width, Saved For Web




  1. Craig Brown

    Why on earth would there be an age limit? If a person does good work and can be considered the best, what different does it make if they are older than 35 or younger than 18, and meets thee other eligibility requirements. Appears to have the look of discrimination.

    • WilsonWJr

      Mr. Brown I can understand your frustration. But it seems this contest is geared towards up and coming talent. Which is why it is called “Breakthrough”. People who are just starting to get their toes wet in the pool of our industry. Neither you nor I qualify in multiple ways. 1. We’ve both been working as professionals for longer than 5 years. 2. We are both too old to qualify (I’m 37).

      Contests and Scholarships by definition are discriminatory. They set up rules and parameters of qualification that are deemed appropriate by those sponsoring it. Be it age, race, gender, skill level, or particular interests. This shouldn’t be seen as negative but a way to grant particular consideration towards a specific group of individuals that may not get the opportunity otherwise. They know what they are looking for and sadly, we don’t quite fit. I don’t feel it’s meant as a slight. There are many other contests and competitions out there that we do qualify for. I will post those as I get knowledge of them. But it would seem petty of me, not to post information regarding this excellent opportunity simply because I, myself, don’t qualify.

      So take heart, we may not qualify for every “scholarship” but when we do I’ll also be posting those contest rules as well. I don’t discriminate. 😉

      • Jerry

        I’m not sure I subscribe to that definition of ‘breakthrough’. It’s never been an age-specific term, in my eyes anyway.

        • WilsonWJr

          I see what you’re saying Jerry. I agree that you can “Breakthrough” at any age. But I have to assume(because I’m not personally associated with the contest) that it’s what’s inferred due to the limit they want on experience as well as age. It seems they are looking for someone younger and newer to the industry. I’m not sure why. But it’s there contest so they can. I would love to know for sure though. Maybe we should send some e-mails to get more details or even potentially ask for the age limit to be upped. Or maybe they need to change the name to Fresh, Young Breakthrough Contest!


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