Free Book on Copyright Myths and Truths from Graphic Artist Guild

For artists to stay relevant and continue to promote themselves and remain viable you must have an online prescence of some sort these days.  This can lead to fear for many artists. Fear of their artwork being stolen and sold online without their knowledge for any multitude of purposes. As Artist’s we have to arm ourselves the best we can against these types of threats.

One of the first things that we have to do is get a thorough understanding of the rights we have as artists over our own artwork.  If we aren’t informed we don’t know what our rights are and the best ways to go about protecting them.

Luckily, The Graphic Artist Guild has provided a free resource that we can use to start educating ourselves about the truths and the myths of copyright. It’s titled, Copyright Myths: Copyright Basics and Common Misconceptions Debunked.

It is available for free download at the following link. In it you will find answers to the most popular copyright-related questions.

Topics Include:

  • Infringement
  • Using Works without a Credit or Copyright Notice
  • Fair Use
  • The Internet, Web Sites and Blogs
  • Public Domain and Public Access
  • Use by Religions Entities, Educational Institutions and Non-Profit
  • Organizations
  • Liability for Copyright Infringement
  • Willful Infringement
  • Usage Issues: Who Owns What?
  • Where to Report Infringement
  • Registering Copyright

Arm yourselves with knowledge and you will always have the most powerful weapon.


  1. William Seidel

    I would like a copy of Copyright Myths: Copyright Basics and Common Misconceptions Debunked.


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