Breaking In: Interview with Children’s Book Illustrator Elizabeth Sayles

Our Breaking In posts will focus on Interviews, Articles and Resources we find that give good information and wisdom in regards to “breaking in” to certain aspects of the Children’s Market.

Our first post features an interview with Children’s book Illustrator,Elizabeth Sayles.

The first featured interview is given by Patti Simone of Flip Report.  Elizabeth gives tips for illustrators on how to work with publishers and how she managed to break in and maintain a career in the Children’s Market. She also talks about how integral social media is to promoting her children’s books.


Listen, Learn and Apply!


Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s website at this link.
Elizabeth Sayles on LinkedIn
Elizabeth Sayles on Twitter


Sites mentioned by Elizabeth;
Children’s Book Council-CBC

SCBWI-Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators


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