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October Mailer Process

This is our second mailer and the second time I create a video documenting my process. It still has no background sound, but I slowed it down a bit from my last one. I’m trying to keep them short. I still start all my drawings with pencil and paper and then scan the drawing and work from it. Sometimes I make adjustments in Photoshop by making some characters bigger or smaller, or moving them around to make the composition more interesting. The video shows how I take the final sketch and color it. I hope you enjoy the video.

and the final looks like this:

Creative Quarterly-Call for Entries

A friend of mine, hey Aja!, told me that another very effective way of advertising your work, getting publicity and putting your artwork in the hands of art directors and editors is to enter contests. So throughout the year we’ll be cataloging any contest we run across and then compiling them in a list at the end.

Here’s our first one. Check out the requirements and enter if you can! Good luck!!!

Call for entries

CQ26: Call for Entries

Deadline: October 28, 2011

We set the bar high. Our judges are tough and uncompromising. Only the very best work gets past them. We set the bar high. Our judges are tough and uncompromising. Only the very best work gets past them. But that’s why you see firms like Stefan Sagmeister, Mucca Design, Poulin + Morris and schools like School of Visual Arts, Art Center, Tyler, Central St Martin enter. And when we see winners from our show in other major shows we know we’re using the same yardstick. The only thing those other shows have on us is higher entry fees.
We accept published or unpublished work for a flat $10 per entry.
Winning is not everything but why pay so much for the privilege?
Entries are due online or via mail by October 28. Point your cursor here to enter.


Paid Portfolio Site Survey


Part of our goal here at OnceUponASketch is to provide resources for up and coming Illustrators in the Children’s Market. We want to provide answers for some of the more common questions we sought answers to at the beginning of our careers. One of those questions was about investing in Pay Portfolio sites like The I-Spot, Picture Book,, etc.

With everything changing in the Children’s Market with advances in technology and e-books, we had to wonder how effective some of these marketing strategies have continued to be. Plus the sheer volume of these sites always casts doubt as to whether you would get lost in a sea of Illustrators not able to be found amongst your peers. So we got the idea to review each of these sites and survey the users to rate their effectiveness and value.

We will review each site one by one in the upcoming months. Review their cost, features, ease of use, customer care, customer satisfaction, etc. Right now we are in the process of gathering that information to present to the public. If you have used a site of this nature recently and would like to participate, please let us know by Email or reply below. Thanks for your help!