Tips and Tricks-Free Fonts!!

In the process of doing Illustration for the Children’s Market, it’s very possible and probable that you’ll need to integrate type into your work. For me this was very true when I did a large amount of work for the licensed industry and t-shirt work. In any case it can be handy to have great resources you can use to tame the serif/sans serif beast!

You’ll find that you’ll exhaust the standard font package that comes with your operating system pretty quickly. (I mean, have you really found a good use for dingbats?) When this time comes you’ll come to realize that adding fonts to your computer can be expensive. A single new font family can run you into the hundreds of dollars depending on it’s popularity and application.

So before you invest a pocket full on a new font, take the time to investigate some websites that offer free fonts for your personal use. I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

Dafont-Over 10,000 fonts are offered. You can search through a wide variety of categories and subcategories to find the font you need. Mac and PC fonts are available.

Urban Fonts-Urban Fonts has around 8000 fonts available. You can search through the PC and Mac fonts by category, top fonts or latest fonts.

Font Squirrel-Font Squirrel offers an exclusive number of hand picked fonts for your use. Many of them are quite attractive, separated into standard families.

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