Where the WIld Things Are : One of My Favorite Children’s Books

When thinking about a favorite children’s book of mine, there really was only one that stood out among the rest…Where the Wild Things Are. Way back when I was a little monster I fell in love with this book. Really what is there not to love? Monsters, check, trouble making, check, kid in wolf pajamas, check! Maurice Sendak wrote several books, but this masterpiece was first published in 1963. His efforts were rewarded with a Caldecott Award in 1964. This book has been adapted in many different ways, from short films, to live action feature length movies, to operas and plays. Not to mention some of the more creative products that I have such as, t-shirts, bobbleheads, statues, prints, and a French version as well.

Where the Wild Things Are is a story about a young boy named Max, who causes trouble and is sent to his room without any dinner. While in his room very unhappy, Max’s imagination runs wild, and takes him on an adventure with the Wild Things. There he befriends monsters, wins them over, becomes their king and has a wild rumpus. After growing tired of the monsters, Max escapes and returns home to find his supper waiting for him, still warm.
What drew me into this book, was the thought of a young boy and his imagination having an adventure together. Maurice Sendak does a masterful job with creating a story with his words, but his iconic illustrations to me are the real star.


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