One of my Favorite Children’s Book-Flotsam by David Weisner

I think most kids, adults and artists have more than one favorite Children’s Book. This can be for any plethora of reasons. The memories it evokes. The worlds it opens  your imagination to. The fact that the main character reminded you so much of someone you knew, maybe you?

One of my favorite books is like a Master Class in storytelling and world building. The Author/Illustrator of this book is a five time Caldecott honoree; three Caldecott awards and two Caldecott honors, David Weisner. The book in question is the children’s book masterpiece, Flotsam.

Flotsam, David Weisner

I came across this book after in an effort to read every Caldecott award recipient since it’s inception. I checked it out from the Library and could hardly bear to return it. It was so rich and full of depth and imagination that it left me in awe. One of the more amazing aspects of this was the fact that there isn’t a single word in the book. It was entirely wordless.

Without words Mr. Weisner is still able to create a totally submersive and amazing story. The story centers on a young boy finding an antique Melville camera washed up on the beach.  He is surprised to find that it actually has film in it. He develops the film and finds that the camera has taken multiple pictures of amazing undersea fantasy worlds!  A plethora of beautiful and amazing magical worlds are discovered throughout the story with a wonderful surprise ending.

You must take the opportunity to go out, support your local library and read this book! After that, if you’re like me, you will immediately run to the store and purchase a copy for yourself or your children to enjoy! You can learn more about Mr. Weisner and his other works on his website.


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