Edrian Promo Process June Mailer.

As a group we decided on the theme of mythical creatures and I wanted to focus on a Unicorn. The design of the postcards was pre-selected and we all had to work within a specific format.
Below are a few images that highlight my process.

I start with a sketch (not shown), which I then clean up, and use as my final art line once I scan it (first image). I then add color, shadows, and all other details (image 2). I wanted to use a soft palette that would complement the light colors of the Unicorn, but wanted to balance it out with some splash of color shown on the flowers and fairy dresses. I also wanted to give the right shading to the Unicorn to balance the dark eye, but without taking away from the movement of the piece. This last part was a bit more challenging and I used the “call a friend” card. I asked my peers and they were able to help me get the right balance.
Tip: Another tool that I use constantly as I’m working is the saturation tool, and I usually have it as a separate layer. It allows me to see that I have a good tonal value throughout the composition (image 3).


  1. Melanie McKenzie

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your digi freebies. I wondered if you wanted to see any cards I make with your images? I also realised you could ask that of others downloading the images and build a gallery of items that people had created – another example of your diverse market? Remember background images are another way to show your skill in building digi products. Thanks for your generosity and sorry if I’ve laboured on this! Mel xx

    • WilsonWJr

      You’re welcome Melanie! We’d love to see what you come up with! And any insight you can give to this particular market is wonderful. We’re new to this and any knowledge is deeply appreciated! When you say background images, do you mean patterns? Are there any particular topics we should pay more attention to? Thanks for your input!


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