16 Questions about Illustrator Wilson Williams, Jr.

Where do you live?
I was born, raised and continue to make sunny Florida my home. I’ve lived in different parts but now reside on the East Coast.

Use four words to describe yourself.
Crazy, Youthful, Contemplative and Emotive.

What’s your favorite color?
I don’t think I’ve had a favorite color since I was little. But back then it would have been blue or brown/beige. Now I may lean more towards yellow.

What do you enjoy drawing the most?
Animals and Children. Animals because I love translating them to my style and infusing them with personality. Children because I love exaggerating their proportions to match their personalities and actions.

What inspired you to illustrate for children?
I think the art style that comes out of me naturally is what led me to illustrate for children. My style suits that genre as well as my personal interests and imagination.

What do you find difficult to draw?
An inker once told me that all organic things should be painted with a brush and all non organic things with a pen. By his definition anything I should draw with a pen. (Most notably cars.) But I love the challenge of it.

What influences your art?
My peers and fellow artists. Nature. Movies and film. Music! My family.

How has your style changed since you started illustrating?
Luckily it’s more confident now than when I initially started. A lot of my indecisiveness showed in my work as well as my emotional state at the time. I’ve learned to be more concrete about what I want in my illustrations with proper preliminary work, study and consultation with my peers and art directors.

When are you most creative?
Creativity comes in bursts for me. Inspiration can hit at anytime. So I try to have a pad and pencil with me at all times. To be honest some of my best sketches and ideas have come to me while I was in the bathroom.  Overshare? But seriously, my best time to be inspired and work is at night when the chance of interruption is the least likely to occur.

What is your least favorite occupational hazard?
Being an artist people think that you can do anything art related. Interior Design, Web sites, Animation, design clothes, design furniture, sculpture, etc. Our fields are just as specialized as any other and being an artist doesn’t mean I know how to design your dress for prom. (I’m sure you’ll find something pretty though!)

What is the strangest thing anyone has said about your work?
My Mom has my artwork up all over her house. (Don’t all of our Moms do the same thing?) Anytime I’m there and people visit she has to walk them around the house looking at all the artwork. Embarrassing, yes. Especially since most if not all of the work is well over ten years old. The most interesting comment was a gentleman who asked why everyone looked angry or sad in many of my images. That struck me as odd. When I went back and looked at all the paintings he noted I had to admit he was kind of right! In most of my college paintings all the people I illustrated looked miserable which kind of reflected some emotional things I was dealing with at that time of my life.

What was your favorite children’s book character growing up?
My favorite character wasn’t a children’s book character but a comic book character and it was Storm from the X-Men. I’ve always had an affinity for strong female characters, they remind me of my Mom. So Storm was perfect for that.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
Superfriends easily. Even though now watching the show again, they were terrible. Ha! But they created an interest in me for comics and reading. So I owe them a great deal.


How many years have you had an email address?
Well over ten. I still have the same one. But recently I’ve started to stop using it and move on to something new.

Things you are looking forward to?
Expanding on my identity and the types of artwork I do within the children’s market. I look forward to my artwork improving, growing and eventually starting to meet my expectations.

What areas of the Children’s market do you wish to pursue professionally?
I have a healthy metabolism for the children’s market. I’m interested in most if not all aspects of it. I’ve done children’s books, coloring books, educational work, patterns, clip art, character designs, toy designs and comics. I still want to do board games and write and sell my own books! The new markets of children’s book apps and games also excite me to no end!

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